When I started PT with Shelley I needed to get fit and get active.
Shelley assessed my fitness levels quickly and smoothly introduced me to different types of exercises and fitness. We completed circuits, boot camps and Boxercise. The encouragement Shelley offers is amazing, she puts you at ease whilst you having to put in maximum effort. Quickly I found myself getting fitter, toning up and feeling better about myself. Having had a tough time keeping positive with my mental health, the PT has made me more positive and energetic. After a few months we set a goal to start running. Running was hard to start off with, I could not even run a mile. A 5k run seemed like a hundred miles. Over 4 months and training with Shelley I am about to run in the Cardiff Half Marathon and raise money for a brilliant charity. We have been completing training runs, hill runs, interval training, sprints and finally I achieved something I never thought I would by running 13 miles. My PT sessions with Shelley are always varied, always hard work, and rewarding. After every session I feel 100% better than I did when I started. Amazing service, value for money & lovely person!


I have been recovering from a cruciate ligament injury of which training has been tailored to suit me and rehabilitate my injury. Through unique training exercises i have improved not only knee strength but also balance, co-ordination and flexibility.

Liam (Mon and Weds night class member)


Since starting the classes, I’ve noticed a big improvement in my fitness level and I also feel a lot stronger and more confident. Everyone is really friendly and you don’t feel intimidated like you do in some other gyms/classes. Also Shelley’s diet tips and information on how the body/muscles etc work are really useful!

Liane (class member since Everybody Fitness began)


I have be involved with boxing from an early age so when my partner (who is a regular to the evening classes) asked me along one night to the  boxfit class, I really didn’t know what to expect but I have been hooked (excuse the pun) ever since and now attend all the classes. It’s not just a class, it’s a way of meeting new friends and we regularly do social events together. We also have a coffee (well tea in my case) after the classes.



Since joining Everybody Fitness in Feb 2010, I have made many new friends and have become much more confident in myself. From attending boxfit, Legs Bums & Tums, and Circuit Training and asking Shelley for diet advice, my stamina core strength and overall fitness have increased tremendously and I am much more toned than I used to be! The classes are tailored to everyone’s individual fitness levels, so it’s always a good workout which never ceases to be fun!